Over Fifty And Fabulous
As women it's normal to experience a sense of loss as roles shift and change in life. However, now more than ever, the time has arrived to discover who we are as an individuals. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of a season where we are free to stop and smell life’s blooms. Why not soak in the kaleidoscope of beautiful aromas and colors…and eat a cupcake too? Welcome, friends, to the exciting adventure of discovering that simplest of pleasures is a God given treasure to be enjoyed by a marvelous sisterhood of women who are over fifty and fabulous!

Mature Women's Fashions
Winter/Spring 2014

Exercising After Fifty

Is It Time For An Adventure?

A Great Book Just For Women Over Fifty
Book Reviews
 Exceptional Bloom: Coming Alive After Fifty
"It is not one of those cheerleading books that have you think good thoughts and all will be well; rather it is a book filled with wisdom to see the future with right understanding. Paula Masters helps you regain a foothold on life." -Terri Rice

"This book is, in fact, so well written and so plotted with you in mind, you might not be able to wait to celebrate the age your mother warned you about..." -Susan Kaluza

"Will read over and over! This book is totally awesome, it captures the emotions of the 50 plus woman and lifts and encourages us that life is not over, but just began...I love, love!" -Malea Lyday

"After reading the first chapter I felt like I just skipped through a garden filled with flowers, each representing hope in this season of life after fifty--and I'm over sixty." -Laurie Engelhardt

Finding Spiritual Inspiration
Sisterhood Of Survivors
Faith-Based Support Groups For Women
No one can fully understand the journey that comes with surviving a difficult life experience like those whose lives have been gripped by it. Whether it be health problems, emotional issues, abuse, death of a loved one, rape, divorce, or any other life crisis.There is something uniquely inspiring about facing life challenges with believers. At SOS it is our desire to cultivate a way of survival anchored in the hope of Christ and the encouragement He gives through the bond of spiritual sisterhood. Find a support group just right for you...
The Grandmas Club
Today's grandmothers may be different than years gone by. They may be more savvy, cutting edge, healthy, and sophisticated--yet in one way they will always be very much the same. When it comes to their grandchildren--their hearts swell at mega speed to mega size. There is simply no denying the magical effect a grandchild has on the heart of a grandma! Probably one of the most powerful forces on earth. The younger generation look on in wonder on a season that can't readily be explained until it's finally experienced. However, once in this unspoken club it becomes one of the most gratifying memberships one can have! If you are a grandma join with us in sharing the joys that come from being a part of a community above all other social clubs--The Wonderful World of Grandmas--The Grandmas Club